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NuMood Jess, Cami, and a Transformation


It is no great secret that I am completely in love with Robert Tonner’s beautiful Cami dolls.  In fact, it is quite safe to say that I am addicted to Cami dolls.  She truly is the perfect doll.  She looks great in every outfit she has worn, including those originally made for other dolls.  In fact, I look for pretty outfits for my play Cami dolls; one such outfit was the “Degas” ballet costume made for the Clea Bella ballerina doll several years ago.  I had admired the outfit for years, and when one came up for sale on the doll boards, I bought it.  In the summer of 2011, after a serious surgery and while recuperating at home, I received the “Degas” outfit and immediately put it on Cythna, my 2010 blonde Cami doll.  The picture below was taken on July 24, 2011, a few days after my surgery; I thought then that the costume was made for Cythna/Cami–she is radiant and gorgeous in the delicate white and blue satin and tulle confection.

Only one thing dejected me that day–Clea Bella’s pink toe shoes do not, of course, fit Cami’s fashion feet.  Yes, Cythna is beautiful and perfect, and a vision straight out of a Degas painting.  But she could not truly be my beautiful ballerina.  I wrapped the toe shoes in tissue paper and tucked them away, hoping against all hope that there may come a day when Cami could become my beautiful ballerina.  All she needed were en pointe feet.

Flash forward to January 25, 2012 and the Tonner Doll Company product reveal, including the NuMood line that features three body types and interchangeable hands and feet, as well as some classic face sculpts.  One NuMood doll in particular instantly caught my eye: NuMood Jess with the dance/ballerina body.  Jess’s face sculpt?  Cinderella!  As you probably know, Cami’s face sculpt is the resized Cinderella face sculpt!  Jess and Cami are practically twins, especially since Jess, like Cami, has a smaller bust.  I ordered her immediately.

Jess arrived, magically, on Cami’s second anniversary date, January 31, 2012!  As soon as I unpacked her, I put her in the “Degas” costume.  Her en pointe feet were exactly what I had longed for on a Cami.  I took the pink toe shoes out, several months after longing to put them on Cami’s feet, unwrapped them, slipped them on Jess’s feet, and laced them.  Finally, I had the closest doll I could ever have to my longed-for Cami ballerina.  I am amazed and thrilled that Tonner Doll Company created Jess!

Comparing the two pictures, of Cythna and Jess, we can see the similarities in the two dolls: the Cinderella face sculpt, the small-busted body, and the blonde hair.  I was thrilled!  I adore Jess–she is stunning and graceful, everything a ballerina should be, of course.

However, my brain did not let go of the thought of a Cami ballerina.  Cinderella, Cami, and Jess may share a face sculpt, but they are, after all, three separate dolls with their own unique identities and story lines.  I pondered whether to find a Cami head and transplant it to a Jess body, but I knew the fit would not be perfect due to the slight size differences between Cami’s head and Jess’s head.  Then I had another idea, and I followed through on that one to create my pseudo Cami ballerina.

I bought a second NuMood Jess and a wig that would change Jess’s look.  I scalped Jess–yes, I cut that lovely blonde hair–and pulled out the roots of the hair plugs.  I glued the new wig onto her head, dressed her in a pink ballet outfit and pink toes shoes, and created a new name and identity for Jess #2.  Her name is Fawn Adelaide Orabella Legh DeBold, and she is the fourth of my so-called Cami Cousins; she joins my beloved Cythna, Audrea, and Lady Eleanor in the companion doll world which Cami inspired me to create two years ago.  Like her three cousins, Fawn is bears the names of some of my female ancestors.  In the following picture, we can see that the transformed, wigged Jess truly resembles Cami.

The resemblance to her Cami Cousins is more striking when you realize that the wig was chosen primarily because it is the same long, crimped style as that of the first four Cami dolls.  The color chosen is the chestnut brown color of the rarest Cami doll, the Doll Market exclusive Cami Basic–Chestnut.  For comparison, below is a picture of Cami Basic–Chestnut, followed by a close-up picture of the newly-christened Fawn.

I am hopelessly, eternally devoted to Cami, and I adore Jess.  However, Fawn is the hybrid ballerina Cami that I had longed for, dreamed of, and pined over.  She is, like the Cami dolls who inspired her, one perfect doll.  I am thrilled to add Fawn to my Cami Kingdom and companion doll circle.  My Cami Kingdom is blissful and copacetic, thanks to the creation of NuMood Jess and her en pointe feet.

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Cami! A Tribute to My Favorite Doll


Two years ago today, on January 31, 2010, the world as I knew it changed forever.  Cami debuted at IDEX that day, and it was literally doll love at first sight.  Delight Cami, with that iconic blonde crimped hair and Cinderella face sculpt, took my breath and stilled my heart.  Never before had I seen a doll so perfect and beautiful–and I do own many different dolls, yes.


Cami is everything I desire in a doll: beauty, sweetness, and so much that is abstract, intangible, and difficult to articulate even for this writer.  Cami is like a living sculpture, one I do not have to stand and admire but one that I can hold, pose, dress, create for, and with whom I can interact.  Many people do believe that dolls have souls–a piece of the artist’s/creator’s soul–and I believe this about Cami.  There is an aura, a vitality, that emanates from within Cami that is quite palpable.  Cami is no mere doll–she is a work of art, albeit one intended for play, and as such she transcends everything I had previously felt and believed about dolls.  Cami made me believe in the concept of companion dolls more than I ever thought possible; she carries not only a tiny part of her creator, Mr. Robert Tonner, but she is an extension of me in a way that no other doll had ever been, despite my over-enthusiastic imagination and doll play.

Cami is, for me, the ultimate doll, the unequivocal doll, the doll who fills me with such wonder, joy, and peace.  The real miracle is that a thing–a doll–is capable of creating such magic.  As The Cami Kingdom celebrates Cami’s second anniversary with pure glee, we look ahead at her glorious future and await each reveal.

Text and photographs copyright 2012 by Sheilah R. Craft; copy or use is strictly prohibited without prior written consent of copyright holder

Cami Basic Wigged–Too


Moments ago, the 17th Cami doll and the last Cami doll of 2011 arrived!  Cami Basic Wigged–Too is absolutely gorgeous!  She has inset green eyes (didn’t I predict her in an earlier blog, huh?) and two wigs–a blonde and a brunette.  She arrives wearing the brunette wig, which is what I choose to keep her in, because the first Cami Basic Wigged perpetually wears her long blonde wig; contrast is nice!

Her gorgeous face:

Cami Basic Wigged–Too wears the same ruffled white bra and panties as does 2011 Cami Basic–Platinum, and they both look young, innocent, and very feminine even in their unmentionables.  Cami always exudes youthful innocence yet fashionista simultaneously.

Another Cami–a scalped 2010 Cami Platinum–models the blonde wig, which is soft, wavy, and oh so Cami:

The Cami Kingdom proudly welcomes Cami Basic Wigged–Too to the fold, and here she is with the Cami collection (minus two custom Cami dolls on which I am currently working):

She is right at home amongst the Cami Kingdom residents!  What a perfect way to end the 2011 Cami line!

2011 Cami Basic–Platinum


My Cami Kingdom has yet again expanded!  The ninth Cami of 2011 and the 16th overall Cami was delivered.  Just moments ago, the stunning 2011 Cami Basic–Platinum doll arrived, and is she ever lovely!  Okay, so all Cami dolls are gorgeous, but each in her unique way.  This platinum Cami doll has inset blue eyes and rooted eyelashes, and a coral shade of lips.  Her skin is in the lily shade, which is very pale, and which matches her long platinum hair perfectly.

You can see her rooted lashes, and they really do give her added pizzazz, especially when she is seen in profile:

That hair is spectacular, and different from the 2010 Platinum Cami, whose hair is in the iconic Cami crimp.  The long hair is shiny and lustrous, and is pulled back into a cute, youthful style:

This platinum Cami is a stunner, a winner, and happily joins my Cami collection.  You can see her at home with 19 of my 20 Cami dolls:

I really do love each and every Cami doll, and am absolutely thrilled to have all 16 produced Cami dolls, plus four extra Cami dolls; you can see my Cythna sitting on the lower right hand side of the above picture.  (The only doll missing is the custom Cami doll on whom I am still working.)

In the above picture, 2011 Platinum Cami is on display with the Cami collection, and you can see the marked difference in her skin tone.  She is remarkably pretty with the much paler skin tone, and she is extra special as the first Cami doll with the lily skin tone.  Kudos to Tonner Doll Company on another beautiful Cami doll!  I, for one, and besotted with her.

Knave of Hearts Cami


The lovely Knave of Hearts Cami doll, the souvenir doll from the 2011 Tonner Halloween Convention, arrived today.  Given to attendees at the Scary Tales Alice in Wonderland event on opening night, Knave of Hearts is a LE 250.  Knave of Hearts Cami joyously joins her Cami sisters in the complete collection (we are currently awaiting shipping of the 2011 Platinum Cami, which will mean that all 16 Cami dolls live with me):

Knave of Hearts Cami is the first Cami doll with short brunette (not brown, but very dark, nearly raven) hair, styled in a cute page boy style.  Her red lips, blue eyes and dark eyebrows, in conjunction with her raven hair, create a unique look for Cami, one that borders on Goth, which is perfectly suited to the Halloween Convention’s Scary Tales (dark fairy tales, if you will) theme:

As you surely know by now, I truly love each and every Cami doll, and this girl is no exception.  Though she is simply attired in a white singlet body suit, adorned with–what else?–a red heart, Knave of Hearts Cami is stunning.  Cami’s sweet face sculpt is the perfect canvas for multiple looks and palettes, as evidenced by the bold colors used on Knave of Hearts Cami.

For contrast, look at Knave of Hearts’ dark hair and vibrant make-up alongside the blonde hair and more muted tones of the 2011 Wigged Cami:

Like every Cami, Knave of Hearts is special, and I am so thrilled to add her to my Cami collection!

UPDATE: Custom Cami Doll


Some of you who read my other doll blog might recall that, in late summer, I began working on a customized Cami doll, a broad project in which I planned to transform a Cami doll into a new and unique Cami, one of my own imagination and ideas.  I have not had much time to work on hand sewing her dress, but that is still very much a major component of the project.  Her accessories were made and bought quite a while back, and are waiting her completion: shoes, earrings, and a cute crocheted hat.  She even has a vintage purse if she decides she wants to carry one.

Cami’s face will still undergo a minor transformation, with some changes to her eye color and lip color.  The one task that I am unable to do is quite heartbreaking for me, as I had so wanted to do it and to see the image I had in my mind come to life in this custom Cami.  However, it is not at all physically possible for me to reroot Cami.  I had bought the perfect hair and the necessary tools, and had begun the reroot with wonderful results.  I could envision her when completed, with a professional hair cut by my own wonderfully-skilled stylist. 

Without whining too much, the post-surgical pain and stress on my body make it excruciating to reroot more than two or three strands in a several hour time period.  Poor custom Cami would likely not have a total reroot for a short eternity at that rate, and I would be in agony at that point.  The only solution was to finally admit to myself that this is one thing I would need to let go of and sacrifice for my own overall well-being.  I am massively disappointed, but realize that there are options that work just as well.  Since Cami has had all of her factory hair removed, she is the perfect candidate for a wig.  While I have not found a wig even remotely in the style I envisioned for her, I have found one that is just right for the style and period of the custom doll.  So Cami will undergo her transformation as planned, and will assume her new name and identity when her dress is completed and her face is painted.

When custom Cami is completed, she will make her world debut here, on this blog, as she truly is one of the most important dolls in my life.