Robert Tonner’s Cami


Since I have already written in depth about Cami, my favorite doll of all time, she seems the perfect place to start this blog.  I have written and photographed two blogs in a three-part series on Cami for the Tonner Doll Company Blog, and those blogs can be read here:

Cami 101 Part 1

and here:

Cami 101 Part 2

The first blog details Cami’s history and official storyline, while the second discusses each of the 14 Cami dolls released to date.  The third blog, which will be written and published later this month, will highlight the fashion ensembles that Robert Tonner has designed for Cami (and her female friends Jon, Fresh Face, Gina, and Frankie).

The blogs say it all, so I will close for now rather than repeating what I have already written.  I will, though, repeat that I truly love Cami and have never been as obsessed with any doll as I have become with her!  I gleefully blame that on Robert Tonner–and hope that he continues her line for quite some time!

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